Sophia held her poetry in her mind. It was written there, long before pen took to paper. Sophia heard it as a living voice. Her work thus has a dramatic resonance. It is meant to be heard.

Here you will therefore find not only the texts of some of Sophia’s poems, but also audio copies. I wish it was Sophia reading it—the poetic voice, however, will always be hers.

“I started writing poetry ten years ago, when I was seven years old, so obviously my feelings about an awful lot of things have changed since then. My poetry however seems to have undergone more of a process of evolution, and my analysis of it more an intellectual sharpening, than my feelings about the act and purpose of writing changed. I still aim for beauty and power, I still aim to fight against mortality, and I still write as much about a universe of the quick, haunted by their predecessors as much as I ever did.”

Sophia, age 17 (in a web-interview for the Queensland Poetry Festival)