ripples 3Sophia requested that certain works of art be commissioned after her death, and these will be featured here on the website as the process unfolds.

Other works are also being created in her memory, reflecting her love of art and the importance she placed upon its role in society.

All these works, and the other endeavours undertaken in her name, form part of the ripples of her life.







Sophia’s Elegy

Sophia’s Elegy, by Gershon Maller The first creative response to Sophia’s death was this, the lovely elegy written for her, and read at her interment in February 2014, by her friend, philosopher and poet, Dr. Gershon Maller. Sophia was buried with prayer and poetry, her casket strewn with rose petals.

The Phoenix

The Phoenix One of the things that has been notable since the construction of Sophia’s website has been the number of people who have commented on how lovely it is. “The website is beautiful”, they say. Yes, it is. I think so too—and I want to place here my thanks to Katie

With the Eye of Beauty: A Commission for Sophia

With the Eye of Beauty: A Commission for Sophia Sophia believed in the power of beauty, and she found it in complex thought, in the spiritual clarity of moral choice, in the discipline of loving another, in the physical beauty of nature, and in the perilous but wonderful battle with impermanence which

I say your name…

I say your name ... For a long time after Sophia’s death, I could not write. Profound grief demands an endurance that seems to occupy all space. Last year, however, the process of working on Sophie’s website made it possible to begin to write again, and to write poetry. I

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