Sophia 30.07.1991—17.01.2014

In the Jewish tradition, those seeking to give comfort to the bereaved ask on their behalf for the memory of the loved one to be a blessing. It is a wise saying.

Five years have passed since Sophia died. Five years of sorrow, but five years also of an astonishing grace.

I am so grateful for Sophie’s life, for the joy of sharing 22 years with that fierce, funny, brilliant mind of hers, for the lovely clarity of her young-old soul, for the sheer beauty of it.

Sophie’s life is a blessing. Her living presence in mine is love’s greatest gift.

Bright Star 

Child, you are written into every cell of me,
Knit in the womb, the imagined emptiness
Where unexpressed is spoken into being
And becomes itself, all the mysteries of flesh
Made soul inside me, made soul of me

If I open the door of myself, you shine out
Into the world

There can be no darkness which has you in it
Not even death

There is no darkness,
Your bright star lights me still

by r nugent