The Woman in the Sun and the Seven-Headed Dragon;
and the War in Heaven, The Apocalypse

(England, London, c.1380-c.1390 and c.1400-20) [1]

The Woman in the Sun full

Circles within circles
Hours come round
The holy woman seated upon the moon gives birth
And her child is borne away by an angel
From the clutches of the dragon

She points to them both
And becomes a turning point

Later the battle is fought
Between the angels and the beast
But it is the last battle that there shall ever be

Everything is weightless and falling
In this post-sacrificial world and what we once knew about distance
Is lost

The woman sits in the sun that is a mandala
Its tongues of flame emanations of her
And she sits in the majesty of birth
The long shadow of the sky
That is her own
With the moon lying on a tightrope just above the earth

The warrior angel’s armour is like feathers
His crusader’s cross
Wrapped around him like a sling

Still they go on
With the battle and the birth
The beginning of good
And the end of evil

Beneath him there is still Earth
Covered with grass and flowers
But it is all made of waves like the sea
Sculpted with a thick brush
All made of circles
The compasses of the cosmos
The fragile and the sacred
The one moment to look outside the world

by Sophia Nugent-Siegal ©

[1] Cambridge, Trinity College, MSB. 10. 2, fols. 21v-22