Tuesday’s child is full of grace

You were born on a Tuesday. It was a Tuesday on your last birthday in this world. (How strange yet precise are the patterns of a life.)

You were 22.

Ten years have passed since that last birthday.

You are still 22.

Your sweet face looks out at us in the lovely photographs your Auntie Kaye took that day—“dear little Sophie” as one of the doctors treating you at the hospital used to say.

It is your birthday today. You are 22.

Your death was, and is, shocking, but it is the present tense of you which is remarkable—this powerful sense that you have merely stepped into another room for a moment, that the very atoms of the air vibrate with your presence.

I will see you again, my darling. Loving you always, beautiful child.

                          Sophia Rose


The poet to add a page to Sophia’s Notebook for 2023 is multitalented Australian poet, Todd Turner (click HERE for details).