July 30th, 2020

Another year, another birthday, unmade from life that should have been. Yet how grateful I am that you lived, my darling—that you lived in the world, and lived in it in such richness of inner being.

You were so light in your step in life, graceful in every gesture, but deep is the impression left on those who see.

The Snowflake and the Star

Sometimes I feel I am akin only to the dead
That all my consubstantiality is with bones
Can it be that I have no remnant amongst the living?
Subtle as fire I have seen their minds
Frozen like the outline of a snowflake against a star

                                                Sophia Nugent-Siegal (from The Dance Macabre)

How beautiful the image is

Minds on fire
Held at the point of brilliance

Thousands of light-years between us
And flaming stars seared into darkness
Beyond little lives

Yet still to be

How perfect
The fierce fragility of that thought

By r nugent

               “Yet still to be”

Loving you always, beautiful child.


This year’s poem for Sophia’s Notebook will be added by celebrated UK poet, Alice Oswald.

Details are available here.