The Shimmering Otherness of RAIJ

The Shimmering Otherness of RAIJ RAIJ (Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus), the eclectic and multitalented group of musicians based in the UK, recently released their latest album Songs of Yearning (plus a limited edition accompanying album, Nocturnes). Prayer, the last track on Songs of Yearning, has a particular significance for me. It is RAIJ’s lovely arrangement of the simple prayer which I sang driving home from the cemetery one day after visiting Sophia’s tomb. 

Soul Music

Soul Music The aching loveliness of the Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus (RAIJ): Prayer "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, Oh please take care of my beautiful child." (recorded at St Luke’s Church, April 2018) . . .because beauty really will save the world. RAIJ’s exploratory and spiritually profound music—including their latest album, the breathtaking Beauty Will Save The World—is available here: Occultation Records Open a doorway in your soul, listen. . .